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2019 Newsletter

December 13th, 2018

Dear Sportsmen,

Our 2018 Season was another great success. We had a great time and will cherish our fond memories of our guests and friends who joined in Canada's unspoiled arctic. Dawn and I will not be attending any of the sportshows this winter. Our arctic Char fishing and Lake Trout fishing is always world class and this past summer was no exception.Victoria Islands Muskox population has continued to decline drastically. We have decided to discontinue our muskox hunts indefinately.We will resume the hunts in the future if the population starts to increase again. As a result we are able to increase our weeks of fishing by one more week. Our fishing packages allow our guests to experience the wonders of the Arctic from our full service lodge, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle. We offer our 8 guests per week seven nights and six days of fishing. All you need is your fishing or hunting gear, and your dreams!

Arctic Char and Lake Trout Fishing Trips

Bring your family and freinds for an unparalled arctic fishing adventure. Flyouts each day to remote areas add to the never ending excitment. We have dozens of lakes and rivers available to us teaming with Arctic Char or Lake Trout. Imagine dropping in on a lake and fishing in an area that has never seen a lure or fly from a sportfisherman. We hope you will include us in your 2019 fishing or fly-fishing adventure travel plans.

Jim Mayerley

Group flyfishing

In addition to fishing our guests have the opportunity to see herds of Muskox in the wild as well as Arctic Island Caribou, Arctic Foxes, sometimes the big Arctic Wolf and occasionally a Barren Ground Grizzly and Polar Bear from the air. The Island is a nesting area for many of the birds that migrate to the arctic each year. Tundra Swans, Snowy Owls, Jaegers and the Yellow Billed Loon are common sights.

If fishing is not your thing or you want a break from the rod and reel we can arrange for sightseeing tours and hikes to view and photograph the amazing flora and fauna of Victoria Island. What better way to enjoy time in the outdoors than with your family. Bring you wife and kids with you on an adventure they will never forget.

family with char

Muskox and Caribou Hunting Trips

We reduced our muskox hunts to three this summer and one Caribou with all hunters bagging trophies.


Limited Space each Year

fred@higharctic.com. Thank you for visiting our web site: www.higharctic.com.


Our goal is to continue to be the world's very best Arctic Sportfishing & Sporthunting Lodge!
Both Dawn and I wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing you soon.

Fred Hamilton

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