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Last updated June 03, 2020

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The Hamilton family's 60 plus years of Arctic Experience guarantees you a sportfishing, hunting or naturalist adventure in Canada's last frontier that is beyond your wildest dreams. High Arctic Lodge was founded by Don & Marlene Hamilton in 1970. Don Hamilton was a highly regarded ARCTIC BUSH PILOT since the early 1950's. He has published a book about his aviation career titled "Flying Overloaded". If you are interested in purchasing his book or want to learn more about it please visit www.flyingoverloaded.ca. Sadly Don passed away on April 11th, 2009. He will be missed by all his family, fellow pilots and friends. The lodge is now owned and operated by a third generation bush pilot, their son Fred and his wife Dawn, who took it over in 1995.

Unspoiled trophy arctic char fishing awaits you on Victoria Island, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The mighty arctic char live in the hundreds of lakes and rivers that crisscross Victoria Island. Being a gourmets delight it has become one of the arctic anglers most sought after fish. All of these same rivers and lakes are also home to the fierce fighting lake trout. Truly a fishing experience that only the cold, pure arctic waters can provide.

The rivers flowing into Hadley Bay and Wellington Bay offer the most spectacular silver char fishing to be found anywhere. It is not uncommon to catch and release arctic char up to 25 pounds. You can imagine the battle they put up before succumbing to your determination to land them. Even the smaller char will leap and twist and run out your line a couple times. Fly fishermen also have had excellent success on these rivers.

Victoria Island is the home of many line class world records for Arctic Char and Lake Trout both all tackle and fly-fishing. In fact the rivers and lakes on Victoria Island have proven to be a fly-fishermans dream.

We are inviting you to come and enjoy the many splendors of Canada's High Arctic. Naturalists are simply amazed at the variety of flora and fauna found on Victoria Island. Ancient Inuit ruins and hunting grounds can be explored during your visit.

Our guests have returned year after year and are delighted with the individual attention and small camp atmosphere. We are very proud of the respect and reputation we have earned from our guests.

You can be assured that if you decide to join us, we will do our utmost to ensure your trip is an experience you will always remember favorably.

Sincerely your hosts,

Fred & Dawn

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